What does your day look like?

pink poodle

Our man in Japan
I had a bike that was dubbed the penetrator (9 inches of rear suspension...). If only I could have used your sticker making powers in 2008!

pink poodle

Our man in Japan
If I could track it down...it always needed a bright pink sticker the looked part cock part rocket ship stating the name and done in an 80s neon sign style ...


Puts verniers on his headtube
Can print n cut pretty much anything you want
Challenge Accepted! :p I've been meaning to ask you if you did them.

My first batch (had to buy a sheet of 8) from Vistaprint are falling apart after 8 weeks on the bike. I hit up a guy in the UK two days ago to make some red camo decals for the Nomad, because his feckin' FB page says he does custom to order, and he told me to pick from the listed ones. No red.

I'll go play in paint 3D for a while. Work was short and sweet tonight. All done in 2 hours.

....... 90 minutes later ..... this is what I want, but I'm not sure if its good enough to print.


(I know it's not good enough ....)
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