What forks are you running?


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Fox van r 130mm lowered to 100mm on a blkmrkt mob. Would go to 80mm but i use the bike for a bit of everything so yeah.


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Rockshox Argyle's.

Running at the stock standard 100mm because I am not cool enough for lowered forks.


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Fox 32 float rlc with 15mm axel. Lowered to 80mm and with the lockout all the way on and the blow off valve close to all the way on they are the best forks I have ever used for DJ.

I found when I lowered my stock 80mm argyles to 60mm they became very plush. And all I could do was try and force more spacers on top of the spring which was fricken hard.


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argyle 318 conversions.
were converted to air so they are now 409's
running them at 80mm with 170psi
love em so much


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go with argyles man...

best fork ive ever ridden and most likely ever will. even the base model is fantastic. i have my 318's set at the stock 100mm, but thats coz im not a 'techy' rider. i like to go big. if your more into the tech tricks run them at 70 -80 mm which would make it more twichy.