When scooter kids grow up....


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You could always hire a couch bike or a treadmill bike...

This ones a head turner ! The Couchbike is adjustable to fit a wide range of sofas. Rent the frame alone, or borrow a couch from us.


Are you ready to get your workout on? Break free from your boring gym routine with this revolutionary new fitness device!


There's nothing quite like the feeling of rowing a bike down the highway.

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I honestly don't know what posses people to buy things like that, let alone build them. God help us if they ever start racing the things


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As much as everyone lays into scooter kids, some of the stuff that they throw down is quite mental.


I was reading a MTB article the other day in AUS Mountain Biking about it easy getting away from scooters in the skateparks and streets by getting onto the trails, I hope these dont get popular...