Which Derailleur for a 2008 Specialized Epic


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Hi Guys,
My Brother has just picked up an Epic frame and is building it up. Can anyone recommend a front derailleur? From what I've read it needs a clamped derailleur I'm just unsure if they differ sizes (diameter of clamp) and wether it matters how many rings he'll be running. He'll be running 3x9. Any advice would be great.

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Looking at that link above, you'll need a high clamp, AKA bottom-swing FD. In the days of 9-speed 3x was the default chainring combination, so just hunt out anything labelled as being for 9-sp. The M581 originally specced hasn't existed for several years now, but you should still be able to pick up a M770 XT or M660 SLX (or SRAM if you prefer that flavour) easily enough.
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