Who rides alone ?


Is an alien from 2007
just got back from a ride a) alone b) where i binned it c) on a track i found a bit more challenging than I'd like (don't judge me, it was Manly Dam...) so I thought about this thread.

Really everywhere I ride is too popular for noone to come by soon enough to make a difference, is that what makes me ok with solo MTB?

Last time I rode with a mate I tried to "see what I could do" according to Strava because he was there to bail me out if I pencilled a tree and I ended up scaring the shit out of myself (turned out what I can do is pedal quite a lot and corner not so very much well), is that what makes me ok with solo MTB?

I've ridden a roadbike alone on horrible concrete dual carriageways in light snow, believe me the risk of being flattened by a tautliner on the way from Avonmouth docks driven by someone who'll be on the internet within hours gloating about how they "thinned out their numbers by one" makes some sort of convoluted bleed-out-on-a-b-line-at-ourimbah scenario look like worrying about what shade of mauve Kim Jong Un paints his nukes by comparison. Is that what makes me ok with solo MTB?

Probably some combination. Also maybe some (possibly/admittedly flawed) assumption that a C5 fracture might mean an unpleasant night waiting for help and reflecting on the nature of irony, anything less severe some form of grim Terminator crawl/miserable limp to eventual car/reception/help, anything more severe... "makes no difference" (my mates aren't paramedics, no one rides with an AED etc.). I'm not that brave really so I'm probably at higher risk in a Coles carpark.

For whatever reason(s), it really just doesn't bother me. Yes I'm pushing 40. Yes I have a child and a partner and I care about them. No, I don't see much of a difference between the risk of riding alone and the risk of getting kinghit by a dropkick in the CBD.