Will 180mm -> 203mm rotor make a difference?


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Maybe I'll save a bit more and get matching RT-76 rotors then!
I got sent the wrong rotor once (but an upgrade!), so had to buy another to make them match again haha

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The bigger upgrade from RT56 is the ability to run metal pads. The steel is treated differently so it's harder-wearing and gives a bit more grip for the pads (which helps with resin too). Metal pads will improve all aspects of brake performance, except when it's really cold.


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they look better at least - but then it won't match your rear rotor, if you can live with that :)

I dunno how much ice-tech really helps, but all my rotors are ice-tech anyway.
The 86 is icetech. 76 is non icetech XT


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I think this comprehensively answers my question!



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Bollocks really? Ok their prices for floating disks are expensive for me now.

Also, why are Shimano 180mm rotors more expensive than 203mm?