Wollongong/illawarra am riders


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Hi guys,

Looking for some local am riders to tag along with. My current riding mates don't get out on the bike as much as myself. I ride keira quite often as its next door to me, also go over to brokers. More than happy to explore new tracks in any area.

Also have a dh bike and take that out now and again to he local places.




Likes Dirt
Hello Wollongong locals,
I will be heading down to your area this coming Christmas-Newies period, been down that way last year and found a few of the hidden trails near Bulli, which are great fun.
Just wondering if there is any locals that wouldn't mind having a out-of-towner tag along as I not too thrilled about riding trails solo when I not super familiar with them.
PM to discuss as I know the trails are a secret.