VIC WTB: 29” 32 hole carbon rim


Eats Squid
Item: Carbon rim 29” 32 hole 21-25mm ID
Location: Aust post are pretty good
Price range/Willing to pay: you tell me, drop me a pm
Extra info: for the bike packing bike.


The obviative
Potentially unappreciated input below ....

You know what you are doing but why would you run a carbon rim on a bike packing rig, especially a generic type carbon rim which I assume you are looking at?

Wouldn't the ability to bash it back into shape if you get damage in a remote area be a bonus with an alloy rim? It's not like a bike packing rig is going to be sprightly, even with light rims.


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I've got the sister of that other Zelvy rim I sent you a while back. This one has a small crack in it but it's not soft and I rode the hell out of it for 12 months without any issues.

Nice and cheap if you reckon you'll use it



Eats Squid
Good point but I haven’t trashed a rim in 20 years, I can’t stand the ride quality of ally rims, I’ve no desire to ride big km on anything but a full carbon bike, and won’t be taking no name rubbish


Eats Squid
Thanks Phil but that’s probably a bit too risky for being literally out the back of Bourke with.