WTB: Magura brake adapter for fork 180 to 203 rotor

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Item: Magura brake adapter for fork 180 to 203 rotor size
Location: Anywhere you can post from
Item Condition: Used/new
Reason for buying: part for new build
Price and price conditions: $25 ish?
Extra Info: I think its the QM44


B Rabbit

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Dunno, I’ll do some more research, I usually stick to Shimano but am using the missus new build as a test subject


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Dunno about others, but the mt5 calipers sit lower in the adapter than most others. I've had to switch around a few different adapters to get my calipers to sit properly, the caliper hits the adapter in some and you'll never get it aligned right like that.

I don't have any magura adapters though, it's just been a case of raiding various ones of other bikes till I found stuff that fit

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I can spare both if you need both. I've got Magura brakes with a 180 rotor on husband's bike but I've managed with a different adaptor. So I don't need it, it would purely be for aesthetics!