X0 crank


Llama calmer
Item: X0 crank
Price range/Willing to Pay: you tell me
Extra Info: 68/73mm GXP. BB, spider and rings not required. (happy to buy full set though) must have black/silver logo's, no colours welcomed (i'm racist)
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Llama calmer
forgot to mention, spider/rings not required. just the bare arms is all i need, happy to buy a full set though.

either of these 2 colours



South Shore Distribution
i have a set in grey
pretty well used
68/73 threaded bb, 28t/39t rings and spider if you want them

pm me an e-mail address for pics


Likes Dirt
not a hugely knowledgable person with cranks but have some XX cranks if your at all interested....

GXP, 56 q factor, 170mm (wlll double check) 39/26 chain rings

Well used but not entirely stuffed.

Only want $100 for them plus postage as thats wha i paid for them


Llama calmer
I would love XX, and that price is almost too good to pass up... But I need the carbon arms and removable spider that X0 cranks have sorry!