Yari air spring upgrade: Debonaire or Luftkappe?


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Hey all,

I have a 140 yari boost on my steel hardtail and find the ride a little harsh compared to a pike. I’m looking for some improved small bump compliance and was wondering whether the Debonair upgrade provides similar benefits to the Luftkappe thingamajiggy? Debonair upgrade is the cheaper of the 2.



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I asked a similar question in regards to the Lyrik on Pinkbike and this is a response I got:

"The luftkappe gains its negative volume by expanding into the positive chamber. The debonair gains it through some reworking of the stanchion plug and a hollow shaft. So the luftkappe has a more progressive curve (i believe they say its similar to two tokens). The luftkappe i think still has a stronger negative spring, no maths to back that up but since the dome is now acting as the piston and there is no rod attached to the dome there should be more area, pressure over area and all that. also the luftkappe tops out pneumatically, no top out bumper, probably part of having more force.

Both seem to have their pros and cons. I can say my debonair upgrade was really nice improvement for my 2018"