You laugh you lose


Captain obvious
Ha! Was asking my friend who works in imaging and she has seen LOADS!! Beer bottles, salt shakers, the lot. If the person comes into emergency laying on their front then more than likely they have been naughty!

During lockdown there was apparently a epidemic of people sticking things where they don't belong. Bored at home, trying new things...

I suggested she make a coffee table book - the x-ray on one page and then the excuse on the other. "I was hanging curtains and fell on the salt shaker"....
guy across the road from me is a recently retired Ambo, I recall 1 very disturbing story along those lines with something to do with a cue ball that couldn't be removed...he has lots of very disturbing stories!


Is not a gynaecologist but will look at your fork
Good mate is the head of an imaging department at a public hospital

I hear many wild stories, some truely sad fucked up ones too.