Yup boys


Likes Dirt
be careful what you say

No shit Acid test complete :p

Come weigh your filthy ride and let the high-end scale be the judge mofo:eek:

pls note : do not be offended by the gaybar bike but learn to accept and appreciate the fuckin high-end natural beauty and the exotic red hoods.:D

read the scale nig

EM2391433IN - enter at your own risk:confused:



Yellow Underwear Person
lick the stick mofo

very hi end , but still prone to the filthy ANACONDA......;)

make it lighter to match yr ever dwindling body mass.....


Likes Dirt
just about homeless & hopeless

yeah , i'm trying to find that video..it's pretty damn cool

hey are you getting your boys down to coffs with us or what??

both cars rego due that weekend in feb you are cruzin down, saving up for becoming 'under the thumb' full time in april (wedding, mine :rolleyes:)
no spare moolah until possibly next time.

when is your next available booking being allocated? Mayday weekend again or juneo????????