(Cross posted with Downhill)

While I'm sure that many of you already have heard the news, I'm passing it along here in order to get the word out.
If you've been involved with any aspect of DH in Canberra then it's pretty much definite that you know Carolyn McKinlay, the mum who has been working hard on junior DH for what seems like an age now and who's there every week rain or shine staffing the BBQ at races in Canberra. To list just those two activities massively underexpresses here input into the scene here. She's one of our CORC Vice Presidents and has been a major source of support to so many folks in their times of need.

On monday afternoon last week Carolyn collapsed at work and was taken to hospital after suffering bleeding in her brain. She has undergone surgery and spent much of the week in a medically induced coma while tests were taking place and until she was stabilised.

The latest news is that she is responding to commands and questions and giving a thumbs up. What the future prognosis is, none of us are sure at this time, the stroke appears to have been quite severe.

The thoughts of all of us here at CORC are with Carolyn, Dave, Mitch and Zoo at this time.

A facebook page (if you're into that) has been set up so that folks can express their support and stay updated on her condition. Obviously the family are being flooded with email at the moment and joining here (or on this thread) would be a great way to show you care for someone who has given so much of themselves.


Stay strong Carolyn, we're all thinking of you.