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Thread: DJ/Street bike setup

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    Default DJ/Street bike setup

    Just want to clear a few things up about bike setup for DJ/Street

    Like high rise bars or low?
    Single speeds pretty much a given
    Short or long stem?
    Micro chain rings for extra clearance
    Slick/semi-slick tyres

    Anything else you can think of

    Reasons for your answers would make it easier to understand

    Let me know what you think a DJ/street setup should be

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    Kenda K rads dont run to bad.
    Single speed of course.
    Funn or deity (sp?) bars are good.
    I would say Short stem.
    Smaller chain rings are a given aswell.
    80-110m travel forks for more DJ, Marzoochi (sp?) DJ 2s or 3s, or Rockshox Argyles.
    Light weight parts in general are great.

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    Like high rise bars or low? High Rise, given 100mm travel forks or rigids
    Single speeds pretty much a given Single Speed, bmx chain
    Short or long stem? Short to push back for CG for manuals, tricks etc.Micro chain rings for extra clearance Yup 22t 25t or 28t
    Slick/semi-slick tyres Yup, like Maxxis Holy Rollers or similar - perfect to hook up on concrete for wall rides or skate park

    Anything else you can think of:
    • No front brake, or run your hose through the headset for barspins or whips
    • Chromo frame - easier on the ankles and wrists and can take serious punishment time after time.
    • Narrow your bars for spins/whips
    • Slam the seat for clearance
    • Frame should have super short chain stays

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    Thanks guys.

    I need a new set of cranks that can run a 25t, any ideas. I want something cheap. Also do i need a new BB with the cranks?

    Buy the way I have a Da Bomb xlr-8r

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    BMX Cranks
    Pc pedals, 20 bucks, cant go wrong.
    only a rear brake, smallest rotor you can get..
    as high of psi in your tyres as they can take +10
    high rise bars. 70mm forks.
    24 tubes in 26" wheels.
    slammed seat.
    cut down your steerer.

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    mine would have to have
    2" rise bars 29" wide (badabooms)
    short light stem (thomson)
    2-piece cranks
    lowered forks (pikes or fox, kowa/nempros)
    and a v brake
    extra point for less common makes (mutant, usb, tonic, superco, advanceco etc)
    Scott Voltage FR30

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    With the narrow bars thing, it can depend on the individual, narrow bars may be good for tech things like barspins but i personally like some real big bars for stuff like riding trails and styling it up.

    I prefer a narrow stem, keeps me that little further back.

    Tyre should be fairly hard and you dont want a tread that will rip up trails but they should also last, kenda small blocks or K- rads and maxxis holy rollers are a good starting point

    Small sprockts can give you that little extra clearence and also look trick. This is an important part of having a street or DJ bike.

    Back brakes are good or if you are lacking confidence a cheap cable disk on the front can help and is piss easy to take off.

    If yo8u dont have high rise bars (correct me if im wrong) you can just whack your steerer spaces on the underside of your stem. this does mean you bike might lack in the trick compartment tho.
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    Everyone here is spot on, although some things are up to preference.
    For me it would be:
    • No front brake
    • Fairly wide bars (725-ish)
    • Grippier front tyre (Kenda SB8)
    • Somthing like a K-Rad for the rear
    • Smallest drivetrain possible
    • High PSI in tyres, to avoid pinch flats

    Thats about it for me.
    Oh dont forget, cool colored brand name parts too :p

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    everything is preference!

    no point riding something you dont feel comfortable with, because its the flavour of the week.

    I tried running 23, and 25 tooth sprockets, for better clearance, but they caused a heap of problems, i have a 28 tooth and its on the big side, but its not that important to have a teeny sprocket, just so you can roll in straight at your skatey!

    low bars, high bars whatever! you see some street dogs riding with 4 inch high bars that are skinny, or some really low wide ones, it dosen't really matter, just ride whatever you feel comfortable with.

    single speed is probably the only thing that is pretty much essential for street and park riding, not saying that you cant ride without it, but stops you banging mechs around and stuff.

    Brakes are good, both or one, they are good to have, open up a much wider variety of tricks, and it sucks not being able to stop.

    just find out what you ride the most comfortably and confidently on, and you'll be set, dont let someone tell you, oh there not very light, they suck! or your bars are too low!

    just ride!


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    100mm forks or rigids.
    deity or blk mrkt bar and stem
    singlespeed def.
    bmx cranks are quite smooth.
    only rear brake
    pleastic pedals if you are concerned on weight.
    slick tyres for sure.

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