2011 - WSC Stu Dorland & Co nothing is happening ...... no one home, website for solo champs 2011 ??? Time for change.

What should happen is that CORC find a CORC equivalent to them in Europe and in the US. The three of them can run a World Championship 24 hour mountain bike event for solo and teams.
Year one US, year two Europe and year 3 Australia and so on...... (I could afford to compete once every three years)
The opportunity for this consortium to have a genuine world championship that will attract sponsors and top riders is the key. Sure have the normal teams event like the Scott BUT also have an elite teams events (on the solos track) for genuine sponsored teams ie Team Specialized, Trek, Giant etc...... categories for this could be either a two or three team member championship - preferably three.
Imagine Mr English winning three years in a row and now being acknowledged on three continents? I think sponsors would be happy to support a truly international event.