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Thread: ENVE Composites Now in stock @ My Mountain

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    Default ENVE Composites Now in stock @ My Mountain

    ENVE Carbon Bars just in @ My Mountain!

    Without doubt one of the most talked about mountain bike brands of the past season, ENVE Composites (formerly EDGE Composites) have quickly established themselves as a market leader for Carbon Fiber components in both the Road and Mountain Bike scenes. With an impressive lineup of Carbon mountain bike rims and beautifully crafted Carbon seatposts, stems and bars, Enve are providing a high-quality and bulletproof alternative to a usual pool of generic carbon parts on the market. Part of their recent rise in popularity has to be attributed to their relationship with the Santa Cruz Syndicate race team, where the likes of Greg Minnaar and Steve Peat have been thrashing their lightweight Carbon AM rims (395 grams!) down some of the Worlds most treacherous DH race courses with results that speak for themselves.

    With this in mind, it was a relatively easy decision for us to stock Enve Components @ My Mountain, as we understand there are a growing number of riders out there who desire the lightweight and vibration dampening qualities of the Black Magic material, but have reservations about the strength and durability for use off road. Like many high-quality Carbon Fiber manufacturers, Enve employ composites for their strength first and foremost, with light weight being more of a bonus than the only priority.
    They make 3 different mountain bike handlebars; the huge 800mm DH bar that can be trimmed down as necessary and is built to take a beating, a 700mm wide low-rise bar that is the most popular of the range and a 700mm flat bar known as the "Sweep Bar" that is perfect for 29er bikes and riders looking to lower their cockpit.

    - ENVE Carbon Riser Bar: 700mm Wide, 23mm Rise and just 180 grams. Our Price: $259.95

    - ENVE Carbon DH Bar: 800mm Wide, 23mm Rise and 225 grams light. Our Price: $279.95

    - ENVE Carbon Sweep Bar: 700mm Wide, 9 degree Backsweep and 175 grams. Our Price: $259.95

    While we have only just received our first shipment of ENVE components, we do have access to additional items such as the 26" and 29" Carbon Rims as well as the neat single-bolt seatposts. If you would like to know pricing and availability of any Enve product, give us a hoy at the shop and we'll return your inquiry as soon as possible.
    For more pricing & information on our Enve Bars and other components, check out
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