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Thread: EnduroMag: Crankbrothers launch new kronolog adjustable seat post.

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    Default EnduroMag: Crankbrothers launch new kronolog adjustable seat post.

    Crankbrothers have been working on their new adjustable seatpost, the kronolog, for the last 2 years. 5 years of experience in adjustable posts has seen a revolutionary change in their post design. Doing away with the hydraulic system of the previous Joplin posts and it’s inherent complications and reliability issues, the kronolog is entirely mechanical [...]


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    Looks awesome!

    Anyone want to buy a Joplin off me?!

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    Might be a few of them for sale. I have 1 with remote accepting offers...

    There is a sexy looking European one too the blacx.
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    Default Crank brothers fail

    Picked one of these up last Friday. Looked good and was pretty keen to take it out for a spin. This was my first dropper post and I'd heard some not so great things about them. Crank bros claimed to have addressed these issues though so I thought it would be ok.
    Alas this wasn't the case. By the third ride it had failed completely. The clamp could not hold the seat post up(I'm 85 kilos). Tried adjusting the cable tension. No good. Tried removing the cable just to see and still it failed. Back at the bike shop I was told I'm not alone and they've stopped selling them and are returning the ones they have.
    Damn shame. Love the concept. I'm trying a reverb now. Hope I have better luck!

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