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Thread: Increased Sydney-Rotorua direct flights coming up

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    Default Increased Sydney-Rotorua direct flights coming up

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    Later this year, there will be an increase to 3 direct flights from Sydney to Rotorua & vice versa.

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    Default Increased charges at Air NZ for bikes

    The bastards at Air NZ have secretly increased the charges for our bikes on their flights.

    They’ve just discontinued the 50% discount on sporting goods and it’s now full rate $75 out of Sydney if you pay at the airport (this is for tickets booked before tomorrow, otherwise it’s $ 120 from 22 November at the airport).

    They’ve brought in a Prepaid Extra Bags option for $55 from Sydney and $NZ 55 ($43) from Rotorua.

    Don’t go through the telephone service centre they’ll charge a $35 per flight fee for doing it, instead buy it online (up to 3 hrs just before departure). The prepaid booking feature started a few days ago.

    It’s still a max of 23kg for the bike, so I might put all my clothes on for the flight, wear my riding shoes and carry runners and helmet in my carry-on bag plus wear my stinky clothes for the whole trip!.

    Alternatively, I’ll pay the extra charges, take a suitcase, load my bike box up to 23kgs with spares/tools etc and take heaps of clothes.

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    I got a heckler, and all I needed for the bike in under 23 kg and packed enough clothes for the week in my Carry on. 6 other mates all got stung on teh way over though. If you go as a group load up all your gear into one suitcase and pay for the extra on that once rather than 6 times.
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