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Thread: 1x9; Is a chain guide necessary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerf Herder View Post
    the new Clutch mechs work great at stopping the chain de-rail from the bottom of the ring, but you still needed a top cage
    Yeah good point. You'd defiantly need a top cage as the chain is being fed on at an angle when in either ends of the cassette range.
    Having the chain slip or come off is one of my worst nightmares, and after banging my knee heavily on the stem 10-15 years ago, I've run a single ring and chain guide set up ever since. If you want to be real bodgie, you could easily modify a front mech to do a half arsed job, but I'd get a top guide like the one Nerf posted at least. I'd run a full guide myself, and for a touch more weight, might aswell run a guide with a bashie or Tacho so you can put the bike onto things like logs etc without worry. There are plenty of nice light guides with or without bashies/tachos, take your pick.
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    Default Mary 1x9

    My former Haro Mary 1x9 ran fine without a chain guide.

    You could PM Gary (user name = Delmar) to see if it has given him any grief since buying it.
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