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Thread: Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

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    Default Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    Sorry if it's been done.
    Tough bikes, slacker geo only please, there's a place for 29ers, and XC hardtails already. No offense meant.
    Show us what you've got.
    Here's my current do it all.
    Frame - Titanium 17" Voodoo DJab. Thanks Softek.
    Rear shock - Titanium
    Front shock/fork - Marzochhi 55s
    Handlebars - Diety Dirty 30s
    Stem - PO1NT 50mm
    Headset - Works components to slacken it 1 degree.
    Grips - ESI foam
    Saddle - SDG BelAir, only arse love I allow.
    Seatpost - SDG I-Beam micro, might get a height adjust one but.
    Front brake - Avid Juicy 7 and Carbon, they're light, and I like them.
    Rear brake - Some old titanium rotor I had wears hella fast and loses over 10% in braking power.
    Cranks - XT 170s
    Chainguide - No need.
    Chain - KMC hollow pin.
    Pedals - PO1NT Podium
    Front derailleur - NEVER!
    Rear derailleur - Nuvinci 360.
    Front shifter
    - That spots reserved for seat post adjuster if I go that way.
    Rear shifter - Nuvinci 360.
    Cassette - N/A 18tooth for now.
    Front hub - Atom Lab Pimp Lite
    Rear hub - Nuvinci 360
    Front rim - Stans Flow
    Rear rim - Stans Flow
    Spokes - DT
    Nipples - Ally
    Tyres - Burning through the old collection.
    Tubes -Tubeless with Stans tape.
    Total weight - 1274 with Nuvinci and Marz 55s.
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    Ragley Blue Pig. Best hardtail i've ever owned.

    bluepig 004.jpg003.jpgbikesnshit 005.jpg
    Five Five Nine

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    Best sort of bikes these ones. And that ragley is great, came so close to buying one when I bought this:

    Chumba HX1, 650b'd, revelations, saint brakes, big wide bars.

    Quote from the other thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by No Skid Marks View Post
    Oh man. If my VooDoos height wasn't so high I'd so be 650Bing it. Took me ten years to get a Ti hardtail, 650B will have to wait. Although, I might be buying a cheap cromo hardtail, welding plates on it and trying to put my Nuvinci above the BB. If the BBs low enough, I'll be 650Bing it fo sure.
    Looks great. Did you rock it with 26ers before? How much more doey is it now? Ride report please.
    Some fricken nice hardtails popping up. I was feeling a bit oldschool and freakish. Thought hardtails where for the smooth track 29er club only now days.
    I'm going to start a new thread for All MTN hardtails if people would like to throw their bikes in there. Keep this thread more for the expected 5-6" trail blazers.
    I've given the bike a big ol' write up here:
    Quote Originally Posted by rabatt View Post
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    You heard it here first

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    Nice bikes above, all of em'
    Here is my Cotic Soul,put it up last week in ''post your ride'' but i reckon it belongs here.
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    My only bike. Bought the frame recently when the rear shock on my dually died, mainly just out of curiosity. Been awesome so far, reckon I'll stick with it. Good way to make old trails feel new again!

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    Default This shit heap count?

    The old Morphine...goes like a rocket....

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    my ancient red 456 is jealous.. and may well highside me this arvo for even looking at the machines in this thread. evil thoughts.. yknow.

    dodgy action screengrab from the big roller boulder on boulder at the youies a while back..

    ..and a wee bit of flight 456 on the local.

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    Ragley Blue pig first generation one, bought the day they were available from crc a few years ago, here`s a pick of her at Rawsons pass Mt Kosciuszko ( in april it bloody snowed) and doing a hot lap around Bathurst. It is definitely been an all mountains bike
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    Quote Originally Posted by skwiz05 View Post
    The old Morphine...goes like a rocket....

    this is exactly what i'd like! looks tough as!!!

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    Default Homemade cromo

    Gday all,

    Here's a link to my machine from the post your ride section, with a bit more info about the frame and some history on the bike.

    Frame - Galah, Custom Hardtail (Onyx Pearl, powdercoat)
    Fork - 08 Fox Talas 36, 100 - 160mm
    Headset - Aireal Evo 1.2 (Red)
    Bottom Bracket - Shimano Saint (Gold)
    Cranks - Raceface Atlas AM, 175mm (Silver)
    Chain - SRAM PC-991
    Chainring - Chromag, 38t (Black)
    Chainring Bolts - Token (Gold)
    Pedals - Wellgo MG-1 (Grey)
    Seat - SDG Patriot, I-Beam (Black)
    Seat Post - SDG I-Beam, 350mm, 26.8 (Black)
    Seat post clamp - Hope, QR (Gold)
    Handlebar - Easton Monkeylite DH carbon, Hi rise, 25.4
    Grips - ODI Extreme lock on (Grey)
    Stem - Aerial Industries, 50mm (Gold)
    Brakes - Shimano Saint
    Disk Rotors - Shimano Saint, 8 inch
    Front rim - Mavic 721, 32 hole
    Front hub - Aireal Industries, 20mm (Gold)
    Front Tyre - Maxxis Lopes Bling, Bling 2.35, Single Ply
    Rear rim - Alex DX 32, 36 Hole (Silver sidewall)
    Rear Hub - Aerial Industries (Gold) 135mm, 12mm Axle
    Rear Tyre - Maxxis Ardent, 2.4 Dual Ply
    Rear Cog - Gusset, Double Six, 16t
    Rear Axle - Aerial Industries 12mm, 135mm

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