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Thread: Online retailers trusted/scammers

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    Default Online retailers trusted/scammers

    A thread for everyone with experience with online retailers, hopefully this will become a list of trusted sites that users have used.
    Any experience or submission is welcome, keep in mind if you submit it make sure it is right as they will not be checked, it is your responsibility to ensure it is trusted/safe/legitimate site before submitting. If you submit a site please make sure you are 100% positive it is trusted/legitimate. If it is a legitimate site but a poor service It can be added but you username will be down in red as not recommended.

    So below will be a list of trusted/recommended sites based on users submissions and opinion. UB-Used by


    99bikes - UB ctguru, Minlak

    Abbotsford cycles - UB Danny B
    AEbike - UB sclyde2
    American Classic - UB 4dabush
    Americancycle - UB foxridersco
    Ashgrove cycles - UB Oriion, yuley95 - Now called Giant Ashgrove
    Avanti Plus - UB 4dabush
    Aspire Velo Tech / AVT - UB FoxRidersCo, Danny B, markgab

    Backcountry - UB Danny B
    Baller racing - UB bell.cameron
    Bicycles Online - UB motorhead
    bigride - UB Australia
    Bike24 - UB silentbutdeadly, danny B, John U
    Bike Bug - UB frensham markgab - UB c3024446, ctguru, Danny B, markgab - UB c3024446, SF Trailboy, sclyde2, OCD'R - UB foxridersco
    Bikewagon - UB foxridersco, Danny B
    Black Mountain Sports - UB 4dabush
    Boggo Road Bike Hub - UB 4dabush

    CELL Bikes - UB motorhead, ctguru, markgab, Danny B
    Chain Reaction Cycles - UB trusted by many no need for user names
    chunked - UB brendonj

    Cotic - UB Danny B
    Commuter cycles - UB Danny B
    commencal - UB
    Creux - UB danny B
    Cycle Sports UK - UB foxridersco
    Cycling Deal - UB wkkie, ctguru
    Cycling Express - UB motorhead, ctguru, sedifus

    Dan's Comp - UB foxridersco
    DHdirect - UB Pebble
    DIYMTB - UB Willsy01, Unclefeet, EMF, Rone, PhillipJ
    Dropzone - UB Pebble

    Erina Bikeworx - UB silentbutdeadly
    Evans Cycles - UB ctguru, scblack, Danny B, John U, sclyde2

    ForTheRiders - UB 4dabush, SF Trailboy.

    Get GU - UB motorhead

    Jenson USA - UB trusted by many no need for user names
    Jejamescycles - UB SF Trailboy

    Koo bikes site - UB Knuckles
    Koo bikes ebay store - UB Knuckles

    Letour cycles - UB Rob_74
    Letour cycles Ebay - UB Rob_74

    Merlin Cycles - UB silentbutdeadly, Danny B
    Moruya Bicyles - UB foxridersco, Monks
    MotoCrossGIANT - UB matt24 -UB ctguru
    Mountain Bikes Direct - UB wkkie, speedyjonzalas, effarr, ctguru, madstace, Minlak, fridgie, cobramad, riderseventy7, Fraggler, sclyde2, ....................................knuckles,John U, AussieBen, hifiandmtb
    My Mountain - UB silentbutdeadly

    Niagara cycle - UB Flow-Rider

    Outside Outfitters - UB foxridersco

    Phantom cycles - UB Pebble
    Pricepoint - UB goog64
    Primera sports - UB \m/ Moshboy \m/
    Pro Bike Kit - UBjaredP, smitho
    Probikeshop - UB c3024446, cokeonspecialtwodollars

    Pushys - UB motorhead, wkkie, ctguru, silentbutdeadly, Minlak, Figbo0t, Fraggler, Danny B, sclyde2, John U, Flow-Rider, creaky

    r2-bike - UB c3024446
    Real world cycling - UB brendonj
    Rhythm Imports - UB foxridersco
    Ribble Cycles - UB rotorub

    Shotz Sports Nutrition - UB motorhead
    SJS Cycles - UB silentbutdeadly
    Stif Cycles - UB ctguru
    Supercyclebikes Ebay - UB sedifus

    Tekin suspension - UB madstace - Currently closed for business
    TBE - The Bicycle Entrepreneur - UB Tubsy
    The Bike Shed Mortdale - UB - trusted by many no need for user names
    Torpedo7- UB - trusted by many no need for user names
    tyronbike - UB psimpson7
    TWE bicycles wheels -UB frank_n

    Universal cycles - UB Danny B

    Veloexpress - UB Danny B
    Velogear - UB Chil, Monks, ctguru, richie_gt, Danny B
    Velo Mine - UB Alo661, smitho, Danny B
    Velo orange -UB Danny B

    Wiggle- UB - trusted by many no need for user names
    Wildfiresports - UB - Art Vanderlay
    Winstanleys Bikes - UB foxridersco
    Worldwide cyclery - UB SlowManiac

    Yarra Valley Cycles - UB foxridersco, Driftking

    Zelvy - UB special

    Red is negative green is positive (As you would assume). CRC, TBSM and the other masses will be excluded from positive and negative as we will have thousands of people saying +1

    **big thanks to cobba, took it upon themselves to organize this in alphabetical order, saved me some time and ill try keep on top of keeping it nice and organized**

    Disclaimer:The sites are not checked by myself for clarification, legitimacy or current state of use. Whether or not a site is trusted or a scam is the responsibility of the user who suggested it in the thread, everyone will be responsible for there own submissions. Websites and businesses are subjected to change over time and the list may not be up to date with retailers moving, changing or closing their sites. 3/02/2013

    Disclaimer B: This list is purely user opinion, based on their individual experience, one persons experience is not indicative of overall experience or everyone's experience, The opinions and feedback been individual also do not indicate overall quality of services provided, the accuracy of a users opinions, feedback or experiences are solely the individuals responsibility and accurate to their time of use, quality of services/sites may change overtime.
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