Hi all,
just got back from Derby yesterday. It is still worth the trip in winter. Blue tier is a no go due to closure but the network around the township of Derby is open. My advice, bring warm gear, it was super cold up there. The rain was not much of an issue, once you gain height it drains quite well. Hats off to the build, it copes very well with the wet. By far one of the best loops in the wet is Krushka, it is a loop that rides well in any weather and you will not get sick of doing it. Return to Sender was a bit muddier but still rode well. We head up to Derby 5-6 times a year and can not get enough of the place, it's fantastic that finally the powers that be have finally seen the potential in this state. We are very excited about Maydena down south, this will be a game changer.