Needed to replace the Sram 32t N/W ring on my trail bike and ordered a Blackspire Snaggletooth, which arrived today. On installation, I immediately noticed things were not as they should be. As I rotated the ring, it wasn't straight; in fact it wobbled a good 2-3mm side to side. Also, it wasn't smoothly aligned with the chain, there was one spot where it 'grabbed' and made a bit of noise as the chain passed through. I used a torque wrench to install it (twice to make sure it was seated) and the chain wear is minimal, less than .05. Never had this problem with a chain ring before, can I conclude that the Blackspire is a badly made POS?

Definitely going to return it, but that's a total PITA... Have the trusty Canucks got it a bit wrong this time? Wish I'd been less of a tight arse and gotten a Wolf Tooth like last time :(