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Thread: Is this the death of trials?

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    Yes Melbourne was it... I moved here in 1994 from Grafton nsw ... I was quite regular think I missed about 30 Tuesday nights in 16 years... I miss trials the skills and smile of shit I just rode over that!.. soon my precious children/Centrelink benefit will be less trouble and I might get back out on Tuesdays again... probably less big gaps and tricky shit but back!
    Good luck grab the bull by the horns and maybe we will meet at the next nationals!
    Darren old bloke who rode

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    Might be worth checking in with Adam from Summit Cycles I think hes a former/current trials rider who might know of a group.

    Its part of this sport that I'd dearly love to have the time and energy for. All my original inspiration for riding came from Hans Rey bustin sick moves on a Zaskar.

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