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Thread: 2017 world cup discussion

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    watched the DH finals for the first time the other day, I usually watch the xco which can be a bit of a yawn, gotta say I really liked the Dh, its exciting till the end with the fastest lastest. that trk makes for good viewing as opposed to somewhere like cairns where i presume the under storey makes for some shite viewing [even bright aus champs wasn't great as I drove shuttles but its hard to get to a good viewing spot, & coverage was pretty average]
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajay View Post
    Calgary world cup was another one that springs to mind. But these were legitimately awful tracks. Leogang is fantastic in comparison.
    Oh yeah, it was indeed terrible back then and those protests were well deserved. Its probably not a bad sign that people are complaining about a bike park track all things considered.

    Another abysmal race was Metabief, a total mud bath unlike anything that's happened since perhaps Cairns? the french refused to change anything as that was the track their team had spent significant time training on.
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    All three were not wearing neckbraces and its all most impossible to determine if paul and sams outcomes would of being different if they were wearing one.
    Agree completely, there is no evidence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knuckles View Post
    like any group there are extremist fringe elements who are willing to commit atrocities in the name of their particular skewed beliefs.
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