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Thread: Behind the bike with Loc Bruni

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    Default Behind the bike with Loc Bruni

    Behind the bike with Loc Bruni

    MTB Find out the steps Loc and his mechanic take to get the very best performance for downhill racing.
    By Fliss Worsp on 18 April 2017


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    The link we use now is a special one we got from Specialized, it's for a different suspension characteristic and is basically a racing link, which only our team uses. The first time we took the bike out it was very linear, it had way too much travel, which meant I was hitting the ground with the bottom bracket and pedals. With our engineers experience and Jacks input, we came out with these kinematics.

    Now we have a bike that is more sensitive and has better traction and is way more progressive. Its very forgiving and this winter we really focused on the suspension when we changed to hlins. Suspension is the most important thing for me on a bike as it allows me to carry speed and go faster.
    Why keep the link for use by the race team only???

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