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Thread: KS Southpaw upgrade

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    Default KS Southpaw upgrade

    KS have released an upgrade to the Southpaw clamp to address issues that some users were experiencing with the clamp rotating; not being able to apply enough force; Some issues with carbon bars both rotating and concerns about uneven clamp force on carbon.

    From the pics you can see the clamp has changed from being a split clamp design (RHS of Pic 1 / Top of Pic 2) to a full clam design. This new clam design increases the amount of contact between the clamp and the bars. Whilst also distributing the clamping force more evenly for you carbon bar folk.

    Pic 1)


    Pic 2)

    For a limited time, I have a bunch of these new Southpaw Clamps available for a retrofit upgrade for current Southpaw owners.

    These will not be available for after market purchase after this run. I've tried to convince KS on the value of offering these AM without success soz.

    I only managed to get a few of these specifically for Farkers ... as thanks for the KS support over the years.
    $35 (GST inclusive) includes Aust Post shipping or pickup in Leichhardt if your time is cheaper then postage ... first in, no dibs ... email ... Please dont PM as it may create issues with you missing out as I'm not on here often enough.

    Apologies again for not being able to get more to offer w/s to our retail partners.

    New Clamps will become standard on all Southpaws from approx Sep. Price remains the same, and there is no weight difference ... 18g for both styles.
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    That is awesome news. Really struggled getting the Southpaw to not spin.

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    Not had issues with mine (on alloy shot peen bars), but have read heaps on people having dramas with carbon bars.
    Nice to see KS finally stepped up and changed it.

    I also notice a black lever now?
    Aww, mine is silver.
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    Been rocking the upgrade for a few weeks now thanks to Mr Herder and can confirm it is 100% better than the split clamp yet retains all its functionality of the semi 3-axis adjustment.

    I've added some grip tape to the lever because I saw some other cool cats doing it and I like to think I get so rad that my thumb may slip off the lever in a critical moment
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    Ha awesome! Emailed.
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