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Thread: Vivid rc2 vs fox Dhx rc4

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    Default Vivid rc2 vs fox Dhx rc4

    Getting a warranty on a 2016 vivid rc2 from a bike company when the shock was damaged because of a bent linkage.
    They don't have and vivid rc2 in stock, so have instead offered me a fox dhx rc4 Kashmir, which they have said is an upgrade. The dhx rc4 hasn't been made since 2015, making it older than my vivid.
    What does everyone else think?

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    If you like to tinker the RC4 is an excellent shock, owned a couple.

    Not sure how it compared to a Vivid RC2.

    Is there an option to pay the difference and get a DHX2?
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    The RC4 is an excellent shock, very tunable and very reliable but it sounds like the company are trying to give you something they've had hanging around for a while. I'd be wanting a current shock as a warranty replacement.
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