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Thread: QLD Canungra DH - 8 January 2006 *CANCELLED*

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    Default QLD Canungra DH - 8 January 2006 *CANCELLED*

    Due to bucket loads of rain the downhill race had to be cancelled this weekend.

    Sorry folks! The shuttle track isn't suitable for use after this much rain. Pass this message on to anyone you know who was heading out

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    Default From Bill and LIbby at TWP

    Hi Guys,

    What a bummer again. Who would have thought another downhill would be cancelled. In 5 years we have only had to cancel one Event and that was a cross country and we have now cancelled 2 down hills in a month The downhill was on even Sunday morning till we had a final downpour and had to cancel to prevent damage to the property.

    Everything was all set to go hire toilets, hire 4WD, the Scouts had all there food organized

    We should have called it the WASHOUT DOWNHILL SERIES.

    The good news was the track held up well but only the 4wd access to the top was one of the major concerns. We will be working with the landowner to improve the access as it is a fantastic venue where we can design 3 different downhill course plus many other variations.

    We tried to contact as many as we could and pass the word around. We apologise for anyone who came down. We were thinking of getting everyone’s mobile phone numbers that way we can text you in rainy whether as to the Event is on or off.

    February Round will now be Round One and we will try and fit 2 other rounds in March/April. We will transfer any payments made over to the next round. If you want a refund just let us know but it would save heaps of work if we could just transfer over to the February round.

    Lets hope for good racing in February.

    Libby & Bill

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    I took the drive out, but thats ok, I found the sign just after the bridge at Canungra, and went for brekky at Tambo instead :D

    (brekky involved attempting to clean the pie shop out of bacon/ cheese pies)
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