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Thread: Brendan Scale calls it a day

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    Default Brendan Scale calls it a day

    After a decade of contributing to the mountain bike scene through course design, team, event, and website management, I have decided to call it quits. The work has got to the point where it has outweighed the fun and with this in mind, I have ended my formal involvement with the sport. I will continue to ride recreationally but that’s where it will end.

    Some of the highlights of the ten years have been designing the Trafalgar 4X course and running events there, as well as creating, Australia’s only dedicated 4X web site.

    Thanks heaps to all that have supported me throughout my time. It has been a pleasure meeting and hanging out with all the crazy people in Downhill and 4X Mountain Biking.

    To read more about my decade in the sport, go to my freshly designed site, with new and updated pages, .

    PUSHI will keep the site alive in 2006, as well as continuing their work at Trafalgar.

    See you on the trails…
    On behalf of I thank Brendan for his contribution to the mountain biking scene in Australia over the years, I'm sure many people have benefitted in one way or another from his hard work.

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    Thanks heaps Brendan. I know how hard you've worked for the Traf many hours you ve spent designing, building and well as organising races and open days. I hope to see sometime at Traf.

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