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Thread: Canberra to host National Champs for 2007 - 2009

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    Default Canberra to host National Champs for 2007 - 2009

    "The National Championships are set to return to the national capital for the first time since 1999 and this is fantastic news for the sport of mountain biking and cycling in Canberra” CORC President, Mr Anthony Burton said today.

    The Executive Officer for MTBA, Tony Scott, said "Canberra is an awesome location to stage the nationals. It is centrally located to Sydney and Melbourne, has nationally connected direct airflights from most major state capitals, has a wide variety of accommodation options, has a wealth of alternative cultural activity opportunities and will be conducted on a purpose built mountain bike park, funded entirely by the ACT government."

    He added, "The current ACT Government has earmarked $6.5m in the development of the Mt. Stromlo area, devastated in the 2003 bushfires. The development includes buildings for event management, power, water and sewerage and telecommunications and the design and construction of mountain bike trails for all the disciplines. This, in conjunction with the fact that internationally respected course designer Glen Jacobs has been engaged to develop and manage the conceptual and design aspects of the mountain specific tracks and trails, suggests that the venue will the best ever in Australia."

    Full release here.

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    That budget of $6.5m sounds like a very positive step for Canberra. I can't wait to see Stromlo when it's all done.

    Thank you ACT Government not only for the money but providing what I hope will be a world class venue for all Mountain Bikers for many years to come.

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    I thought the usual contract was 2 years not 3.

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    hey, its better to have a nationals at a facility built specifically for it, unlike Eildon... 3 years the better, although it wouldve been nice to be in VIC;)

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    Very very happy when I heard this. :)

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    just heard a bit of an update:
    first trails are set to open in 6 months from now and they're just finalising a bid for a 2008 world cup or world champs, missed which one.
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    i'm not certain on the trail completion bit, but we ARE bidding for the 2008 World Championships.

    it's an ongoing process.
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