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    Actually, if you read the link the onl;y things it really says specifically are what effect pines do/don't have on soil acid levels and what effect they do/don't have on nutrient levels. There's not much there at all about soild compaction, friability, texture, inter granular adhesion qualities etc.

    And hidden in amongst it all is this litle gem:

    However, changes in the nature of surface soil organic matter is still likely with pines because of the high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio found in the needle litter under pine plantations.

    Basically they can still leave the soil completely rooted and not contradict the article you've linked at all...
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    Its hard for Forests NSW to dispute what everyone sees with their own eyes. The only place I have seen that dreadful grey soil is under pine plantations.

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    great red fellas. I find rock armoring a must also for all the berms i make. For instance, there is one that comes of a off camber horseshoe that pretty much stops you from sliding down the hill. without the rocks i think that the berm would be useless!
    once again
    great read, looking forward to future's

    by the way, i have herd that the engineers that build the airport runways on pore country's (that are unable to afford asphalt or whatever Aust uses?) spread urea (a chemical fertilizer) on the soils, because it really compacts it.
    just an idea if your caught in a trail situation.?
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