Craig Glaspell aka "Stikman" wrench man for Team GT\Hyundai , husband to Leigh Donovan, Creator of cult website has decided to close down the site due to time restrictions. Im not sure whether this is a joke or some sort of late april fools day thing but it looks pretty real. I cannot imagine how busy Stik is with travelling with Lopes and the team so to run a website amongst all of that travelling, wrenching and partying I dont blame the guy. Personally was a favourite site of mine since the beginning as Stiks dry humour was always entertaining and his "up yours" attitude to many industry wanks was always a laugh. You always got the truth about how it really went down and not some covered up sponsor driven story that you would expect from some media websites.

On behalf of everyone at we wish Stikman all the best and hope he returns to his website duties in the off season to entertain us all with explicit stories of behind the scenes bar brawls and racing scene tales.

You will continue to read Stiks words as he will continue to write for Dirt Magazine.

Good luck mate and all the best.