Fellcrag Results Summary
Ok, i'll post the full results tomorrow, but here's a quick roundup of the results from todays DH event at Fellcrag:

Elite Men:
1:43:68 Nathan Rennie
1:44:37 Jared Graves
1:45:49 Chris Kovarik

U/19 Men:
1:45:60 Lindsay Klein
1:48:67 Riley Donaldson
1:50:03 David McLaughlin

U/17 Men:
1:53:26 Amiel Cavalier
1:57:42 Darren Pokoj
2:00:38 Jarrah Lankas

U/15 Men:
2:11:50 Ashley Grundy
2:12:80 Jordan Kopetko
3:02:35 Andrew Brenton

Elite Women:
2:16:36 Talitha Fitzgerald
3:21:66 Joanne Fox

2:15:67 Michael Murray
2:16:99 Brenton Blight
2:17:19 Brett Jones

1:57:83 Michael Norman
1:59:62 Glynn Hicks
1:59:77 Sandy Preater

2:39:06 Cameron Hart
6:51:95 Simone Hewitt

2:40:27 Allan Grundy

2:13:32 Ben Richards
2:13:44 George Charalambous
2:15:79 Dean Davidson

Fastest time of the day was set by Mick Hannah in qualifying with a time of 1:40:53. Several of the elite men were hoping to push sub 1:40 in their race run, but a heavy shower started just as they were beginning their runs, adding several seconds to the eventual race times.

As i said before, full results tomorrow, plus a race report from Jared if you're really lucky. Lindsay might want to put in a report too, when he gets back from the Gold Coast...

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