Ya Mum's a Schlad-minger! Part 1
Not really, I'm sure she's actually a classy dame.

So, Farkin.net has a team of award winning journalists and professional photographers here at the World Cup finals in Schladming, Austria. Actually, there's myself, Leitch, Tristan23 and my wife, Pip, but we'll make do with that.

We've been here a couple of days now and conditions have been brilliant. Hot, sunny days and cold nights with just a little rain last night to make the first DH practice session more interesting.

Tristan, Pip and I made use of our media credentials to ride the top half of the mountain yesterday while Mr Leitch made use of his media credentials to pay 45 euro for a hire bike then bin it spectacularly 50 metres into the track and gash his hand open. Because he sucks.

If the top of the mountain is anything to go by, the racing out here will be well and truly off the hook. Steep, rough, corners, roots. It's no wonder that Sam Hill has smashed it here for the last 2 years as the course looks like it's been prepared specifically for him.

4X Qualifiers tonight after DH practice today so expect many a bulk update with photos and hilarious witticisms to come. Don't forget that you can catch all of the racing live on Freecaster as well.