Some News from Around the Traps
Just thought id throw some news up for those interested.

Rd 3 of CQ DH Series this weekend at Brookfield ( Qld ) More details found in the Downhill Discussion Forum. A Build day will also take place on the Saturday so if you can run out and lend a hand for a great race to be had Sunday. Address can be found with race info in the DH discussion area.

Seems another Pro rider is out with Injury
this from Pinkbike
"Currently sitting in 3rd overall in the NORBA standings, Dustin Adams was hit by a car while riding his road bike just outside of Kamloops earlier today. Adams escaped serious injury once again suffering a broken wrist that will most likely remove him from competition until the World Championships. This marks the 3rd time Dustin's broken that same scaphoid and he's consulting with a specialist to see what he can to do speed recovery this time around. "

A New MTB E-zine has started which looks quite good, This is a proper Ezine with the content and layout being exactly like a magazine only you read it online. Seems to be Canadian based and looks quite good

Interview with the "Rise" boys Warwick and Ted can be found
HERE Thanks to Pink Bike. - I might be doing an interview with Warwick for Farkin down the road , As soon as i finish something esle i havent started :( So Stay Tuned.

And Finally but not least , The Grouse World Cup - Vancouver kicks off on the 10th of this Month ( 3 days ) and will go through to the 13th. Will Rennie maintain his WorldCup good form , Will Kovarik nab a win .. will another Aussie shock everyone and stand tall on the podium. Youll have to wait and see. More details on DH and 4X racing will be posted as it becomes available.

Nothing new on Waddell at the moment but you will know about it should something change.

Until then Keep riding.

- DOM -