4Wheels4Sean Charity
I first heard of this through Tony Scott - President of the MTBA , We were exchanging emails about Waddell and he notified me of this great organisation. I dont have to much information as of yet but a recent MTBA email explained the charity a little more. Read below for more info it is definately a great setup and something we should extend our pockets for. I will be hitting up the FARKIN crew for a group donation.

*This from MTBA mail out*

Make a donation to the 4W4S charity trust whose purpose is to "provide
assistance to Australians in financial need because of a severe disability
acquired whilst cycling". All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.
Online donations can be made through: www.polarismtb.com.au/4w4s

Ride safe and hope everyone rips it up on the weekend.

- DOM -