New Tassie Mountain Bike Park
Words from the God Father ( Glen Jacob's )

If you havent been there, Tasmania is the hidden secret of Australia, this place is simply amazing, some of the best downhill trails around, and greatest crew of enthusiastic riders in the country.

I was asked to come down to Tassie and design a 4x course, a set of downhills, a jump park, cross country trails and an event area.

We had so much fun designing Australia's largest and funkiest 4x tracks ever built, this huge monster has to be seen to be believed. It consists of huge berms, crazy jumps and multiple moguls, all placed into the course for perfect racing. The great thing about the Hobart course, as is the Armidale 4x, is that it can be rolled down the entire length (45seconds) safely, but at speed, this baby turns into a pro race bred international beast.

We shifted about 30,000 tonne of soil over 7 days, and some of the berms a couple of large tour coaches would fit inside of them. It is smooth and easy to ride, but as I said before, it changes at speed. Cant wait to see Rennie, Kovarik, Atkinson, Wacka, Boyer, Beare, Smitson and others rip this track up.
Props must go to mountain bike legends, Luke Chui, Simon French, Matt and the crew for working on this project for 3 years, and bringing the Hobart MTB park to a reality. You guys own it.
I really hope a round of the 4x Nationals is awarded here one day soon.

Hobart needs to have the Australian Championships here in the next couple of years, I would back it till the cows come home.

Below are some photo's from the crews efforts. (Dialup Slayers)

More photo's to come.