DirtRag to sell online in Australia

DIRTRAG, the world renowned independent MTB mag is to have a 100% reliable supply in Australia.

To those who know of it, DirtRag is the only one true mountain biking magazine in the world, one that many have tried to copy...and failed. For over 17 years the DirtRag crew have remained a solid bastion of independent, alternative mtb journalism and continue to do so; telling it like it is, never bowing to fads, trends or advertiser pressures. Probably why it is one of the most highly regarded magazines in the industry.

Lab-Gear is very proud to announce that as of July 1 (Issue #115), it will be selling DirtRag to Australian mountain bikers as part of its regular product line, feeling that DirtRag embodies many of the things that Lab-Gear believes in as a company. As with other aspects of Lab-Gear, DirtRag will be only available online (making it accessible to you no matter where you are) and will sell for the great price of $11.00 per issue including postage anywhere in Australia. For the first time ever Australian mountain bikers now have a regular per issue sale point for this most excellent of magazines.

DirtRag will be available to buy at http://www.lab-gear.com come July 1, 2005. If you want to ensure your copy, drop the crew at Lab-Gear an email