Monday, Monday, Someday...
Those of you who haven't already done so should check out Niki Gudex's home page. Niki recently competed in the Oceania championships where she placed 2nd in the Elite Womens Downhill, and 4th in the Elite Womens Cross Country. Not only is Niki a pretty good alround rider, but she's also a model, as well as a graphic designer.
If you think Niki sounds like a pretty top chick, instead of sitting there drooling mindlessly into your keyboard (yes, this means you), go and vote for her in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World, and lets see if we can't have a MTB'er up there in the rankings.

BikeBlog have an interview with Peter Guenther of Ethos Bikes. Based in Canberra, Peter has been building dual suspension bikes since the early 90's. The main claim to fame for the Ethos bikes is their patented "anti-bob" suspension design. Ethos' bikes are all hand built, and they will happily custom build a frame to suit your size and geometry requirements, they even do a bike specifically tailored to suit females. So if you're in the market for a high quality dual suspension bike, give the guys at Ethos a yell, and see what they can do for you, whilst supporting a small Aussie company.

Make sure you keep an eye on These guys are building a dedicated MTB park outside of Brisbane. The concept is great, and the guys behind it are putting in tonnes of work to make sure that the park is a success. I can't wait to go and have a look some time soon, and i think you should all do the same. And if you agree that it's a good idea, let the guys know that their work is appreciated.

For all those of you who have grown fat and lazy like myself, or those of you looking to get into the sport of mountin biking, unsure of where to start, Pinkbike have a series of articles, aimed at the beginner, or those of you who've been out of it for a while. It's a good read, so go and give it a look over...

Part 1: Time to get off the couch!
Part 2: Selecting your ride
Part 3: My first ride in a decade