BMXA and MTBA membership agreement reached
The long awaited agreement that will allow cross membership for BMXA and MTBA members at a discounted rate has just been inked.

MTBA members with more than 3 months of life on their membership can now join BMXA directly without joining a BMXA affiliated club and pay just $36. Similarly BMXA members with more than 3 months on their membership can remain a member of their BMX club but get a full MTBA membership for the same cost: just $36.

Tony Scott, Executive Officer for MTBA said, "This arrangement completes the triangle of discounted memberships between all the competition cycling disciplines and in particular between the 'dirt' disciplines of BMX and MTB. These innovative value-add arrangements will now allow greater access for BMX riders to contest MTB events in a completely seamless manner as if they were full cost MTBA members (and vise versa) and reflects an arrangement MTBA has had for the last 3 years with the parent body Cycling Australia."

He added, "In regard to BMXA and MTBA, we have a lot in common especially at the 4X and BMX interface. This sensible arrangement will only add and strengthen the 'dirt' cycling disciplines".

The process to obtain a value-add membership is detailed in the membership section of the MTBA website. The full text of the affiliation agreement is available here.