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    Little Things You Hate

    Stacked the bike on Saturday. Thanks to my 100kg landing mostly on the end of the bars and the front wheel I comprehensively stuffed it. Went to LBS got a new wheel fitted up, and sorted the rest of the bike myself. Steerer is bent slightly but left-right not the expected forward-back. Anyway...
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    MALF Newbie

    I’ll freely admit that the trail riding is more my thing than downhill - and even then it’s a ways off before I go seeking them out special so to speak. All that aside though I’m coming up on about 300km on the bike and in general things are feeling more natural every time out. I probably am...
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    MALF Newbie

    Last month was a bit crap with some mechanical issues on the bike (front derailleurs are the work of Satan). However after fixing it myself I’m back on and trying to get moving again. Just takes time I guess. Also a little trail shy for a bit until I’m 100%...
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    Deadening road noise in a van

    These guys have a pretty good range of options Different sections of the van will benefit from products differently You will want to stop the drumming of bigger panels, (the butyl mat stuff) but also stop the reflection of noise within the giant tin...
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    Totally Over Magpies

    Got swooped by one yesterday on my usual loop, this morning he’s hunting food on the ground ahead of me, sees me coming, takes off heading straight for me. I think I’m going to get impaled, nope, past me and gains altitude to loops back and has a dive bomb and swoop back. Would have loved to...
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    MALF Newbie

    Woohoo - 180mm AliExpress “Genuine” Shimano rotor arrived today. Well packed and has the lock but and everything, again no branded packaging but the “remove before use” stickers and every other detail is identical looking to the 160mm on the bike.
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    FOUND - 180mm Centrelock rotor or 6 bolt adapter

    These are super cheap on AliExpress like under $20 delivered. It’s probably about the same price to post a used on within Australia! I’ve got one landing any day now, if it arrives intact etc I’ll put a link up :)
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    MALF Newbie

    I’m not finding that. I do find that the distraction of being in the scenery puts me more “in the moment” as opposed to “in my own head” for the time but it’s neither lasting or 100% blockout. Took my wife out today as she’s been interested in getting back on a bike as well. She’s ordered a...
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    MALF Newbie Feeling pretty good. Set out to do my real simple ~9km loop this morning and instead decided to mosey around the big lake. Despite going a very pedestrian friendly pace around the busy bits I still kept an average of 20km/h. Might have to thank a couple of...
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    MALF Newbie

    Yeah no - I’m sticking to being Middle Aged and Lycra Free ;) The caliper bracket/spacer turned up today. Looks genuine in the inclusions and finish quality. I surmise that the AliExpress sellers are probably dealing in OEM parts or sores inventory which doesn’t have a retail packaging...
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    MALF Newbie

    Yeah I’ve ordered the bits to go up to 180mm - the max recommended size for the forks. They’re somewhere in the air between Asia and here. The Merida has that Shimano centrelock style rotor setup which makes things slightly more complicated. I’ve got to book it in for its first service this...
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    MALF Newbie

    Oh that’s noice :) Thanks for the tip.
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    MALF Newbie A quick lap around a few ponds and I finally crack the 20km/h average speed. Yeah that’s a big deal to me!
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    MALF Newbie

    South-Central end of Canberra, such that Pine Island, the Murrumbidgee and Lake Tuggeranong are all within a 15 minute lazy pedal for me. There are some nice dirt riding trails in all those reserves nearby and I’ve got a real good connectivity to the bike paths from my place. At this stage I...
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    MALF Newbie

    Managed to lurk here for a bit then randomly posted this morning so figured a post in the Newbie Central was warranted. There’s a few familiar names and folks from other forums I use here so I’m sure some will join the dots and think “damn that wanker’s everywhere, is he following me?” :) Back...