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    DH Full Custom YETI 303 Built by Bris boutique Bikes

    I think this bike has gone to the grave! :pray:
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    DH Old Boy's Candy

    Yeah, I actually left the steerer and spacer stack, so I can swap them over/under the crown and adjust the steerer height +/- 25mm depending on what I feel like, or how steep/techo the trails are. That's the beauty of the top crown, it's so easy to just take it off, rearrange the spacer stack...
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    DH Old Boy's Candy

    Yeah, after some runs the other day, I worked out my super dropped crown was too low by 1.758963mm, so had a custom red carbon one made... ba ha ha ha ha ha :p
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    DH Old Boy's Candy

    Been riding her for about 9 months now. Just built up a new set of wheels to really finish off the bike and get the look/function I was after. Also spoilt myself with a crown and new zero stack CK headset :p So Happy!!! Frame - Banshee Legend MK II, Medium, Team...
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    DJ DO*BER*MANN Pinscher with Tchokr forks

    :D ha ha ha - yeah!
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    DJ DO*BER*MANN Pinscher with Tchokr forks

    Agree Totally!!
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    Banshee Wildcard 2010 - The dream bike.

    That looks so HOT!!!! :p Have you flipped the shock round yet and tried the 5.5" geo setting [front bolt-hole]?? Just remember to turn the shock around, so the piggy back faces rearward, otherwise it will hit the frame.
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    2010 Banshee Rampant

    Holy Shit :D That's friggin amazing!!
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    Eugene Smith - Hobart Nat's

    That's absolutely fantastic!!!
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    Eugene Smith - Hobart Nat's

    Any more news on Eugene?
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    Dude that's a 2008 MK I Legend - you might want to edit your post.
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    Help With New Frame.

    Yeah, + another 1 for the Banshee Scythe. It is what you need and it certainly wont snap! :o
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    What has happened to 4X in Australia?

    Blame Mountainbike Australia (MTBA). They are doing nothing for the sport. Instead of encouraging riders into it, they are only killing it through bad team selection policies at the top level. Why would new people or juniors come into the sport, if there is nowhere to go?? Sponsors will...
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    NSW sold

    Yes, it should come with a CNC'd hanger that slides in to the horizontal drop outs. It's a pretty neat setup.
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    Need a new SS 29er frame to repalce broken Unit

    Yeah, +1 Banshee Paradox