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    Wanted - steel AM hardtail frame 26 or 27.5

    wil do
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    Wanted - steel AM hardtail frame 26 or 27.5

    i have a cotic bfe in green, it’s a M but they ride bit bigm i’m 184cm havnt had a 160mm on it, but takes 140-150mm ok, runs a 26” but i also ran the back with a smallish 27.5 for a while..tried to get my kid on it but he won’t take to it...mates rates but i usually surcharge peeps from narre warren
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    Clip-ins to Flats to improve skills?

    I tried it -going to flats -cos my jumping is shite. -hurt my shins, couldn't keep festoon pedals- bought some shinguards- hating riding in them so gave up all too soon - jumping is still shite....heels down...heels down...heels over the bars
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    Clip-ins to Flats to improve skills?

    Only if its vegan friendly, GM free, salt reduced, fair-trade & with "I can't believe its not butter" -with a pic of you in a leotard when you had long flowing hair on the butter package
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    Cable cutters

    yep Irwins are decent, trojan are rubbish -didn't last, I have the CN-10 as ell -they are good -got them secondhand -look grubby but work fine
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    NSW Gxp cranks, brakes, handlebars

    think i’ve got some gxp cranks, need chainring?
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    New geometry and consequences for bike fit

    " Why do people slam their stems- us old buggers cant bend that far!!!!" cos it's so PRO, and its faster - I wouldn't see it as much of a diff for MTB compared with a road bike were you are 2-3cms less out of the and -but I spoke to a dad who's kid went to jar XC worlds , they could never be a...
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    10 years out... what have i missed?

    id be scratching for newer drivetrain, prob even brakes - forks might be ok -how old are they? also prob has flat XC bars etc, maybe some setback & rise would b nice for you also
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    Sold 2014 Trance 1 frame. Sold

    looks cool enough to be a single speeder
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    Sold 2014 Trance 1 frame. Sold

    not to mention long flowing locks ?
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    Sold 2014 Trance 1 frame. Sold

    Felix gets a mention but where's the mention of Felix' dad,
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    Val di sole

    val di sole mtb
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    Val di sole

    women 8pm, men 1045 tonight, tbh the women is the only race worth watching men is a bit stagnant usually
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    2019 World Cup discussion.

    what happened, most of the big guns 10-25, weather event?
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    Costs to swap out frames

    i just bought a threaded rod with diff washers to do headset bearing press in/outs, works pretty well, don’t hit any bearing in, cna put it out of round, just wind the nuts at each end & it presses them in real nice, use it for pressfit bb also.