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    What should I buy - Norco sight or canyon Spectral?

    mate rode one ta maydena, absolutely loved it, coming off carbon anthem 120, he’s getting the aloy stumpy, another mate is getting the full blinged carbon one
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    Longer, slacker, full suspension.......

    they raced them at roubaix last sunday, pinarello is crazy expensive, overpriced for peeps with too much money....@zaf he's an early adopter?
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    Electronics Gurus - Stages Power Crank

    stages suck -most warranty denied -u let water get into it, mine is wrecked, if it got water in it its due to their faulty battery cap
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    Lowers for non-boost 120mm SID/Reba 29er fork 15mm thru axle

    i have some 15mm lowers but they are white
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    Lowers for non-boost 120mm SID/Reba 29er fork 15mm thru axle

    yummy i’ll take an order, i identify as a faux non pork eating jewish muslim
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    Wood Fired Ovens

    yep takes too long to get going, even our sml outdoor pizza cooker doesn’t get much use, by the time u light, get stated, wait for coals to form the oven already has it cooked
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today! went out nw, then down mullum mullum trail, back along eastern (u had to look for the single trk here, many were spent & bike pathed it back)
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    headed out on the curve big day out sat, 80km of mostly single trk with some gravel sections, & bike path. actually enjoyed myself after clearing the traffic (100 riders) peeps kept slowing down for sml logs or if it got rough. took me 25km to join the leaders, then we had a good time. they...
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    The Tool Thread

    where are they from? brand?
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    Trail Recommendations

    town itself is sml, few old historic buildings..might b better if they hang in beechworth, put the kids in the old goal, it’s only 10mins away..u can drive to trails from beechworth down a dirt rd, they are in between
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    24Hr racing advice

    giant gps are rebadged bryton also, 30+ hr life
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    Trail Recommendations

    i like Yack in northern vic
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    VIC WTB carbon disc fork, straight steerer

    Item: carbon rigid disc fork, 1 1/8” non-tapered, straight steerer at least 22cm long, qr or 15mm Location: woodend Price range/Willing to Pay: 100 Extra Info: not looking for high end fork, any wheel size fine, will b for sml gravel/cd tyre..a 26” fork will fit
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    All riding is good right?

    i live in the country with too many shouldreless roads, local quarry means trucks a plenty, besides i get bored riding rd. i’m lucky we have a few good long gravel options close by