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    Whats the best beer you've had & why?

    Nomad The Wild Mongrel Run away, its fucking horrible.
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    NSW Trail Maintenance - Royal National Park

    Volunteer trail days for the next few months Here are the dates for the volunteer MTB workdays in Royal NP for the next few months. Meet at 9:30 in the car park of the Royal Area Office which is at 159 Farnell Avenue (if you put that in google maps it will show up exactly). Wear work clothes...
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    The last movie you've last watched last

    Sicario. Very good but pretty fucking depressing
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    Little Things You Hate

    The person I encountered yesterday driving around with their hazard lights on. They were on my right as I approached a roundabout and i saw their left indicator, started to go but then managed to stop as they came out in front of me, turned right and drove off with both indicators flashing...
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    Little Things You Love

    Life. I am a lucky bloke.
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    small investment ideas, conventional or other ideas

    Mobile bike wash - like the ones for dogs.
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    [PYR] I built a rack (warning pictures)

    I like mine. Good in sand too
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    Little Things You Hate

    Mozzie bites on the sole of your foot
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    Little Things You Hate

    The little stickers on fruit just after you cut your nails
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    Best SUV?

    Ive inherited 2 RAV4s from my parents when they upgraded. Took the first to 370 000km and it was still going strong when we used it for a trade in. Current one is about 180 000km. Ill get another 5-10 years out of it I reckon if I service it regularly. Good on sand, I used to take the first...
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    NSW Trail Maintenance - Royal National Park

    Bev! Good to hear from you. Ill give you a call next week- would be good to have a chat. Crofty
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    NSW Trail Maintenance - Royal National Park

    Danny the NPA and the NPWS are 2 different organisations. Ring 9542 o669 early next week and I can give you info on where to find the legal trail map.
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    What do you do for work ? Is it hit or shit.

    National Parks Ranger. Like sex and pizza even when its bad its still pretty good.
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    The Single Speed Thread

    Ooh, I might have to get the band back together if that happens.