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    Good Lock on Grips

    I have the Jet black grips on my bike at the moment and they really hurt my hands if i ride for a coupld of hours over some more technical terrain ( Bumpy shit ). So my question is, are the ODI's much thicker than the Jet Black ones...? Im not sure if the plastic bit below the grip might be...
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    Good Lock on Grips

    Thanks guys, also read a couple of past Threads on it now. I think the ODI are the way to go. :D
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    Good Lock on Grips

    Any one know of a good brand of Lock on grips....? are the ODI ones really that good...? I got a new pair but they dont seem to absorb the shock all too good so my hands are sore after riding. I dont want to go as chunky as Oury grips so if anyone has some recommendations on lock ons that...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Hi all, Looking for anyone that rides that Yarra Trails regularly, in my mind that would be 3 times or more a week. Looking at getting in a little more riding. Possibly in the Mornings (week) or possibly after work. Nothing to crazy, more laps of some sort. Maybe look at creating a kind or...