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    Newly Released Bikes General

    its funny Ive got the 2020 Nukeproof Mega Expert , military green , I didnt buy it for the color , But after owning it for a month or so , the colour has really grown on me , army green with yellow writing , its at least different to everything else out there , Last bike was same or very...
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    27.5 is dead

    Ive swapped out a 27.5 ( trek remedy ) for a 29 ( Nukeproof Mega 290 ) mostly positive but there are small things I miss with the smaller wheels , Come to the conclusion it may be best to have one of each :)
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    Bargain buys thread

    Yeah ive got the Carve knee and elbow pads , If there was a way of rating comfort/ protection together as a package, its right up there, I used to swear by G form, but in hindsight it was more comfort based, these offer way more protection with little discomfort penalty
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    Injuries. What's your story?

    Those butt guns are awesome , wash with water , dry with the paper , makes more sense After spending plenty of time in Asia , you realize we are a bit primitive with that one , would you wipe mud off your boot with paper ?
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    Who rides alone ?

    I enjoy riding alone, 90 per cent of the time there are people on the local trails I know I stop and chat to while having a breather anyway, when I get in the zone I find I enter a sort of peaceful meditation state, mindfulness I guess, which i dont quite get while riding in groups for...
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    Fire Warnings

    Just driven home from work , Hawthorn to the mornington peninsula , never seen the smoke haze sit so low , usually you have to look up to see it , its at ground level , Very Eerie
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    Wheel upgrade advice

    Is that just the spokes coming loose , nipples snapping coming off ? I had that not so long ago on some bontrager carbon rims , or something more serious ? cheers
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    Bar length - how is too wide?

    well , I probably shouldn’t have emphasised lats specifically , but wide upper back , and included shoulders as well I guess , with elbows bent in the position that you hold the bars, and moving around , I do think that has an effect . But we can agree to disagree end of the day it’s what’s...
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    Bar length - how is too wide?

    wide lats naturally make your arms want to sit wider , Watch body builders walk around with their arms out wide from their body , thats their over developed lats making the arms sit wider , ask them to put their arms out in front of them in a comfortable position , watch how wide they will...
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    Recommend me a pedal thats better than a Vault

    I’ve got two pairs of vaults that I’ve had for years , jeez they have taken some punishment, every now and then I pack them full of grease and change the pins , while they don’t look it , they feel like brand new again , I will probably try something new eventually, but it’s hard to fault them
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    Bar length - how is too wide?

    This guys channel is pretty interesting , emphasis on the advantages of upper body strength and power in general
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    Bar length - how is too wide?

    If you have a sore arm from using a mouse I reckon it might be time to start lifting ;)
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    27.5 is dead

    I’m back on 29 after 3 years on 27.5, enjoying the change I think all bikes can be fun regardless of wheel size if they are good bikes .
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    Bar length - how is too wide?

    I think it’s personal, I’ve been lifting weights a lot longer than mountain biking ( not that I’m big ) and I reckon upper back lat muscle development makes wide bars feel right . 5 foot 10, 800 feels spot on
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    Wheel upgrade advice

    Just an overall better package ,almost all the above , better hub engagement, faster , better rolling , more robust , weight not so crucial but would be a bonus . Would keep the wtb s as spares . the two spank wheel sets are marginally lighter , the vibrocore less so , the hopes are heavier ,