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    Rock Shox Deluxe tuning options

    Ive had the super deluxe ( actually have it now on a nukeproof mega) and had the deluxe on a trek remedy , Found the deluxe worked best full of tokens and less air pressure ,just found it ramped up nicer , the super deluxe has a much more natural progressive feel and more life and support...
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    Derailleur setup advice

    Cheers , Ill grab some loctite and see how I go
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    Derailleur setup advice

    Gday , just after some trouble shooting advice, Im no mechanical expert, mostly tend to use mechanics , Have a XO derailleur , all other parts of the drivetrain are NX , I can get the derailleur running and shifting smooth, but after an hour or so in to a ride, the chain pops off at the...
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    Aldi bike sale

    Reminds me, im a self emloyed tradie, and a few years ago , a supplier of materials i buy dropped off a few xmas presents at a job site , included was a slab I had never seen before , I looked at this beer and thought cool, looks like some expensive exotic craft beer ,that will be nice over...
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    Will I look stupid wearing full face on XC tracks?

    I have one , its pretty light and comfy considering
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    Seriously, GET OFF THE F*CKING TRAILS, you idiots.......

    Ive had a lot of incidents like that at Lysty over the years, it seems to attract those types for whatever reason, one day I had a lady walking up snipe with a group of handicap kids as i was coming down , i had to go off the trail , luckily escaped injury, And on saturday , same trail , as...
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    Deleting or deactivating account.

    What is an internet pissing contest ?
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    Don’t mean this to sound like a selfish question given the seriousness of the situation , but just curious because it is my form of cardio which is important to my health at 57. But at what point are we likely to not be allowed to go mtbing ?
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    Bargain buys thread

    I brought 3 pairs of these socks , pretty comfy ,
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    RS Super Deluxe air vs Fox DPX2

    Found a video ,
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    RS Super Deluxe air vs Fox DPX2

    There is an aussie guy on you tube called MTB telly , he is quite good with suspension set up info He did a few videos on exactly that , he had a dpx2 and a Super deluxe, interchanged them on his bike and made comparisons , the super deluxe came out in front for him
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    MTB Etiquette

    Get used to talking about bikes , if you have conversations with MTBers , that is pretty much all that gets spoken
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    Whats been the best bike of your life?

    I had a 2012 brown Trek Rumblefish that I had a lot of fun on , a great name for a bike :) , I think Trek stuffed up by not continuing with that name
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    How long is a bike good for?

    I tell my wife it works out cheaper to keep upgrading before they devalue , just to cover myself
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    its funny Ive got the 2020 Nukeproof Mega Expert , military green , I didnt buy it for the color , But after owning it for a month or so , the colour has really grown on me , army green with yellow writing , its at least different to everything else out there , Last bike was same or very...