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    Polygon Siskiu N9

    Looking good Matt! The concealed pivots on the seatstay are neat!
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    The You Yangs Thread

    Yeah, the Stockyards carpark is trash. Certainly usable and all, if a bit of a rocky ride in a shitty Euro hatch, but surely a grading once a year wouldn't go astray.
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    The pet thread, post em up!

    Something light/flexible but with a bit of grip like a CX/gravel tyre could probably do a decent job of this... wish I still had an old G-One hanging around :D
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    The pet thread, post em up!

    Off the shelf. They're cheap shit and have to be done up really tight to stay on, but they do better with the Ruff Wear socks under them. Even with a not-perfect fit, they're much better than shredding his paws on the really coarse granite sand/gravel you get around here. Will pony up for Ruff...
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    The pet thread, post em up!

    Pet thread... How have I missed this. Trail pup loves riding bikes. Muzzle is an additional protection for the many many late afternoon roos/wallabies/rabbits we come across. Mostly he ignores them/is too focused on following me, but I'd rather not deal with that 1 in 1000 occasion where he...
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    Serious thread dig, sorry. Castlemaine pineys - what’s the go these days? Heard good things, but how does it compare to Harcourt for example? Trails navigable with trailforks or is it really a need-a-local sort of deal?
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    Trails in the dandedongs

    Silvan stuff is good. Bottlecaps, No Strava-Truthiness, JJ’s, Lyre Lyre are all great, the climbing and link trails are well made. It’s deceptively steep though, you can pretty easily do +700m vert in a 20km ride dependingg how much you move around. Some fun trails in the Olinda Pines too...
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    Post your all mountain bike

    Went from MkI 5010c to MkIII Nomad CC because bigger bikes are fun even when you have to ride them up hills. Also I loved my old MkII back in 2012 so nice to follow on. Keen to get some riding in the next few months and then do a few enduro races when the Vic season starts up again.
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    VIC Fox Float DPS EVOL Factory Kashima 200x51 7.875x2

    Item: Fox Float DPS EVOL Kashima 200x51 Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Used but VGC/Excellent - one little nick on stanchion but no impact on performance Reason for selling: Want to try something different Price and price conditions: $300ono Extra Info: Been on my 5010c, seen a pretty easy...
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    Post your all mountain bike

    Been a long time since I posted on Rotorburn, and a long time since I rode a MTB regularly... Bought this a few months back and have been slowly tweaking bits to suit me, been loving getting out on the dirt regularly again. 2015 5010c w/ DPS evol, -1º Works headset & 14omm Pike w/Luftkappe =...
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    The Photo Snob Thread

    It's like the fuckin' Toop show in here. You got a job yet? I have nothing to add, it just felt appropriate to berate you on here for old times' sake.
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    XC Yeti ARC Carbon 9.16kg - Cracked another frame...

    Time to buy an SB5C, bro.
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    What are people rocking " Hydro pack and parts or Co2 and bottle "

    Used to be a Camelback Podium bottle in the jersey pocket, along with tube and CO2 canister, and multitool.
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    Carbon Rim Brake Pads

    I found the Swissstop Yellow pads to be great when I had my 404s. They weren't noisy like my friends' cork pads, and made for a nice, grippy brake with plenty of modulation.