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    Mt Beauty or Falls Creek

    I'd go to falls.. but tamer.. but could do all of it on a 4x dually. No big features.
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    Is there a real upgrade path from the current "top end" bikes?

    i think the biggest upgrades in the future will be adaptive electronic suspension.. something like what lappiere has produced in the past but a lot more refined. We might get lucky and score a version of e-tapp that sram has (wireless shifting.. no cables or wires).. other than that.. I dont...
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    26in wheel in 27.5 fork

    I can check the trail change for you if you want.. just not going ti have time until tomorrow. What is the current HA? What is your current fork offset and your future fork offset? What overall diameter is your tyre? Or at least what size tyre do you use?
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    26in wheel in 27.5 fork

    Sorry my bad.. was thinking about something else. But essentially yes, increasing the offset to decrease the increased trail (due to the taller tyres). With that being said, if you are running a 26fork with a large offset already, you shouldn't really notice the switch across to a 650 fork...
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    26in wheel in 27.5 fork

    Double post
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    Bike of the Day: Canfield Jedi

    Love those jedis.. would be the only dh rig to replace my current v10c
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    26in wheel in 27.5 fork

    Only thing is that there is less of an offset with the 650 fork.. to reduce the trail so that the fork is still flicky without sacrificing any grip due to the longer contact patch.. plus the taller tyre gives the effect off an offset anyway.
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    NSW *SOLD* Old RockShox Totems, 180mm, 26"

    Were these coil or air?
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    Citrus addictus completus (alpine 160)

    What is left that you need?
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    Transition Scout... any opinions?

    What I'm saying is that the same tech could have been put into the non metric design.
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    Transition Scout... any opinions?

    The shock is still a shock.. they made an improvement on their old design with more bush overlap.. wow.. because clearly that cannot be done with another shock.. or the evolution that comes with each year's newer designs. The gains of you going to metric as opposed to let's say a push shock...
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    Transition Scout... any opinions?

    So there is no performance gains.. just a different sized shock that will help designers with frames.. Let me put it this way.. grab your current top of the line shock, swap it with a metric shock. No difference at all. As much as i hate boost.. it actually is stiffer, allowing a 29er...
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    Transition Scout... any opinions?

    What is the advantage of a metric shock.. i don't get why it even needs mentioning?
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    have they discovered a cure for muscle cramps?

    I've had problems with foot cramps before.. been looking at this as i think it may be the way forward for my love of flats
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    Maxxis High Roller 2 non-TR, tubeless. Will I die?

    They'll leek for a lil while then seal up.. none of the tyres i run tubeless are actually tubless.. even my dh ply tues with wire beads. No issues at all